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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day..

There are bad days. The days when everything seems to suck, and even the weather is sad. Nothing seems appealing, and everything feels forced.

Yeah, today is a pretty sucky day.

So what do I normally do when I'm in a mood? I knit.

So after I f***ed Serpentina, and realized the pattern was weird for the Slouchy beret (and I didn't have the tools to make it less crappy), all the WIPs I had left were the 3 original ones.

The three scarves made out of three equally awful acrylic yarn. I tried working on the scarf for my nephew, and ended up angry by the fact that the yarn was waxy. Yes. It felt weird, and a little sticky, and really not fun to knit with. So I said "Does a 5 year old who lives in Los Angelasfrogged the damn thing. Same for the scarf for my niece. Ribbit, ribbit.

I left the orange scarf of doom because, well, the fun fur makes it bearable to knit. I do enjoy the fun fur on rare occasions.

And I ditched my grandmother's (knitting) needle case. It was old and made of icky canvas, and poorly made, and I dumped out the knitting needles and trashed it. And I'm going through the needles and ditching a few of those too. Blunt tip that I hate? Bye bye. Awkward short length? Ditching it. Am I ever going to willing use a size 0 needle? Nope, see ya!


So now I am on a mission to re-make a case for all my knitting needles with fabric that I like, and that's actually big enough. It's going to be pretty, and soft, and it will be perfect. (Considering my mom quilts, she has enough fabric to quilt something to cover the planet. And a sewing machine.)

I epically failed at trying to make one myself, so I'll have her make me one when she gets home next week.
really need a crappy scarf?" The answer was no, and I

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