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Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh forgiving, gracious Gods of yarn, I know you loved me.

I got my shipment in, and as soon as I ripped it open I instantly fell in love. I saw the skein of Malabrigo for the first time, I touched it, I caressed it, I had the strange desire to roll around in in naked. It's sinfully delicious, yarn should
not be this exquisite. It deserves every 'm' in the name Mmmmalabrigo (technically, it only has one 'm', but who cares).

I'm going to knit it up into the slouchy beret and I am never taking it off, and if i do, it will be to rub it lovingly up against my face. Granted, if it turns out ugly, and I hate the slouchy beret, it will be carefully frogged, rolled back into a ball, and knit into something really worthy of it's beauty. Mmmmmm.


I screwed up and ordered 24' circ. Us size 9 instead of US size 11 (like the pattern calls for). Got everything else right, except for that. I'll just improvise, it'll make a denser fabric and so It'll be warmer. It'll be fine.


Casted on, and I've got to say: I prefer circ.'s to DNPs. DPNs are weeeeiiiiirrrrrrddd. They're alright, but it makes more work because you have to shift the stitches after every needle of rows, and it's a huuuuuge pain in the neck.

Speaking of pain in the neck, I have this weird pain in the muscles by my right collar bone.. Some sort of strange knitter's cramp
or something? I have no idea. It's weird though.


Do you see how pretty t
his yarn is? Because if you've never encountered this yarn before, you have no idea. It's like comfort food, sex, a power nap, and an A on that tricky math quiz. Yeah, it's that good. It's beautiful, and soft, and pretty, and yeah. It's fantastic.

I'm willing to bet it's softer than babies. Maybe that's pushing it, I'm not sure yet, but it's reeeaaaallllyyyy soft.


This pattern is a breeze. It's just some simple cables, a bit of increasing and decreasing, and that's it. You only knit with the DPNs for 5 rounds, and then you move onto the circ.'s, which are lovely.


I'm pretty sure you could knit on branches from rosebushes with this yarn, and it would still turn out great. That's how wonderful this yarn is.


Go out and buy about 500 hanks immediately, fill an empty room with them, take your clothes off, and roll around naked in the yarn. Yeah, it's that good.

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