Creative title, no? I'm a teenage girl who enjoys knitting. A lot. Even more than I love knitting, I love shopping online. Put those two together and you get my bank account laughing at me and lots of yarn and pretty knitting-related stuff. It's pretty great.. the majority of the time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I taught a teenage boy how to knit, hear me roar.

I've taught my friends how to knit. I've helped them successfully resolve their knitting issues. And I pride myself on being a pretty decent knitting coach.

So when I was told by I boy in my youth group (yes, a real, live, breathing, testosterone-filled boy) that he wanted me to teach him how to knit, I was freaking ecstatic.

We decided I'd teach him at the church lock-in, because teaching someone how to knit is best done in the middle of the night with bad lighting. Yeah.. uhh, no.

Anyways, he went out and bought yarn and needles. (He thought he could use 36" circulars to knit himself a hat. It was hilarious. I ended up trading him those 36" needles for some 16" that would work out so much better.) He already knew how to create a slip knot. I helped him decipher a yarn label. We measured the circumference of his head, and I taught him how to cast on.

Easy as pie I tell you.

Due to the fact that we were in a pretty constant state of either running around or sleeping, I didn't get much of a chance to teach him how to knit, but I'll help him out at the next church service.

I'm so proud of myself :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jeeze, this brings my total to 17 skeins in 4 days.

"Hey, mom, since Hobby Lobby is on our way home, can we stop there? I want to find these needles I've been hunting for. It'll only take a minute or two."

I went in looking for 16" circular needles in any size except for 6.

I found 16" circulars in a US size 5.. and 2 skeins of Wool-Ease Chunky and the newest issue of Debbie Bliss's magazine.

Honestly, people should start locking me in the car or knocking me out when I ask to go to Hobby Lobby or Joanns. I only plan of getting one thing and I come out with 30$ worth of impulse-buys.

My mother is right, I really need to learn how to be financially responsible.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Plum yarn.

I casted on for a cowl yesterday with the beautiful purple yarn I found and decided it wasn’t working for me and frogged it today.

Oh, frogging. I means ripping out your knitting to re-do it or do something else with the yarn. Whatever, it means taking the stitches off the needles and pulling them out.

Like.. Ripping it out. Rip it, rip it. Kinda sounds like ribbit ribbit, right? I don’t know the full story, but something along those lines is what started the term “frogging” and it stuck.

Gotta love cool knitting lingo. (I wrote this just for you, Sami.)

Oh, back to the almost-cowl. I was in Joanns when a single skeins of bright plum yarn practically jumped out at me and forced itself into my basket. Seriously. It was made for me. I desperately looked and searched and hunted for another skein, but there wasn't one. I had gotten the last one. It was a radiant color, it was a fantastic weight, it's 4 ply, and it is sooooooft. I clutched it tight and practically sprinted to the check-out counter.

I instantly knew it had to be cuddled around my neck at all times. So, I figured, why not a cowl? I grabbed some circular needles that should work and heading home.

I cast on 150 stitches, decided 5x5 (don't ask why 5x5, it seemed like a good idea at the time) ribbing, and starting knitting.

I instantly hated it. The magnificent plum yarn was not feeling it either, so I frogged it. And now I'm back to square one. What on earth to I do with this yarn?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I really should go on a yarn diet... Nah :)

I was lazily knitting away on the bus, in choir, and knitting in US/AZ History before I finished my hat. I finished the knitting, the binding off, and sewing the top of the hat together to get a bunching-effect.finally It was done... But it looked a wee bit short.

Turns out “a wee bit short” means a whole 2 freaking inches minimum to normal people. I was bummed.

I cut out the top sewing part (and accidentally cut a teeny part of actual knitting. I was way less than amused.) and undid the binding. I put all hundred stitches back on the needles and realized that I had twisted Every. Single. Freaking. Stitch. Did I go back and untwist them all? Nope, just knit along and finished a row before I ran out of yarn.

My once-totally-beautiful hat that I had spent many hours knitting now has a row of twisted stitches and a big 1" square of ugliness where I had to fix the spot where I cut a stitch on accident.

I’m totally bummed. Not bummed enough to frog the entire damn thing and start over, but really bummed.


After getting 12 skeins of yarn (10 of them were gifted, and I had to toss one of those ten due to a questionably huge stain) yesterday, I got 3 more skeins today. That brings me to a total of 14 skeins in 2 days.

Wanna know what’s even more shocking? I wound EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM into balls and put them in appropriate bagging and into the plastic bins that contain my stash.

On another stash-related note: my current yarn bins are overflowing and can not possibly house the yarn I bought today. Now I have to figure out what the heck I’m going to do and how to store all of my yarn. Maybe stacked plastic drawers? I don’t know, I need to think outside of the box(BAHAHA, that was a totally unintentional pun, but it’s wildly amusing to me. I’m such a dork).

Monday, September 21, 2009

I love Katy Blevins

I got 12 skeins of yarn today, and 10 of them were gifted to me from Katy Blevins.

Let me repeat that so you can fully understand. She gave me 10 skeins of yarn. 10 huge pretty decent skeins of acrylic (that wasn't too shabby) yarn.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to mine is paved with yarn.

I freaking love her.

Oh, and I learned I cannot be trusted to go into Hobby Lobby and not buy at least 20$ worth of knitting stuff.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm back at last.

Oh, goodness, it's been a very long time since I've posted a knitting blog. To be exact, it'll be a month tomorrow. (To who ever reads this, sorry man. I've got a much cooler non-knitting blog that I update frequently. You can read that if you want to.)

I suppose I took a break from knitting. Not that I disliked the knitting, oh no, I still love knitting, but there's been school. And drama. And family emergencies. And homework. All of which have taken up significant amounts of knitting time. But I am vowing here and now to break the cycle and start knitting whenever possible.

I will be starting up on Serpentina. (Last time it almost drove me to insanity. This time, I will stand strong and I will conquer that stupid scarf.)

I'm taking the plunge. I'm diving in head first. I'm doing what every knitter has to do to really become a Knitter. (Or at least get a head start. I still have to tackle lace, Fair Isle, Entrelac, Entarsia, etc.)

I'm going to knit socks.

Yes, I know, socks. Turning heels and grafting toes, not to mention a wee bit of 2x2 ribbing(which I've already shown my severe distaste for). I went out today, bought sock yarn and DPNs and I am going to do this.

First, I have to knit a swatch. I hate knitting swatches, but I must do it to get a good start on my sock or else this may end badly.

At the moment, I've got a nauseating amount of Geometry homework to do, but I'll keep you posted(on the knitting, not the homework).
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