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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I really should go on a yarn diet... Nah :)

I was lazily knitting away on the bus, in choir, and knitting in US/AZ History before I finished my hat. I finished the knitting, the binding off, and sewing the top of the hat together to get a bunching-effect.finally It was done... But it looked a wee bit short.

Turns out “a wee bit short” means a whole 2 freaking inches minimum to normal people. I was bummed.

I cut out the top sewing part (and accidentally cut a teeny part of actual knitting. I was way less than amused.) and undid the binding. I put all hundred stitches back on the needles and realized that I had twisted Every. Single. Freaking. Stitch. Did I go back and untwist them all? Nope, just knit along and finished a row before I ran out of yarn.

My once-totally-beautiful hat that I had spent many hours knitting now has a row of twisted stitches and a big 1" square of ugliness where I had to fix the spot where I cut a stitch on accident.

I’m totally bummed. Not bummed enough to frog the entire damn thing and start over, but really bummed.


After getting 12 skeins of yarn (10 of them were gifted, and I had to toss one of those ten due to a questionably huge stain) yesterday, I got 3 more skeins today. That brings me to a total of 14 skeins in 2 days.

Wanna know what’s even more shocking? I wound EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM into balls and put them in appropriate bagging and into the plastic bins that contain my stash.

On another stash-related note: my current yarn bins are overflowing and can not possibly house the yarn I bought today. Now I have to figure out what the heck I’m going to do and how to store all of my yarn. Maybe stacked plastic drawers? I don’t know, I need to think outside of the box(BAHAHA, that was a totally unintentional pun, but it’s wildly amusing to me. I’m such a dork).

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