Creative title, no? I'm a teenage girl who enjoys knitting. A lot. Even more than I love knitting, I love shopping online. Put those two together and you get my bank account laughing at me and lots of yarn and pretty knitting-related stuff. It's pretty great.. the majority of the time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was on a plane today. A 3 hour plane ride, actually, from Iowa to Arizona. 3 hours of sitting requires a few things:

Yarn, a small project (such as a bright blue hat on circular needles), water, food, and my ipod. That's all a girl ever really needs.. Except for maybe a full-sized restroom where she could wash her hands frequently because the feeling of grimy-airport-hands is disgusting to a MAX.

"Hey, I might as well take a picture (very coyly) of my mom playing with her phone and making a very attractive face."

"Heh, nice. Wait, wait a minute.. there's a woman in the background. Waaaaait a minute. She looks like she's doing something crafty.."

Yeah, my attempt at a "better shot" just included this months' issue of Women's Health with Ashlee Simpson looking gorgeous. Nice, but not what I was aiming for.

Here we go, the killer picture (that was poorly executed and slightly blurry). A knitter, a fellow knitter, sitting (ironically) in the same isle as me. I swelled with pride. I discovered that she was using these needles and this yarn in the Tomate colorway.. I think. not sure. I know it was Berocco from the tag, and it was thin like maybe a sock yar, or a sport wieght... So Peruvia seemed like an option, because even though it's listed as a worsted weight, that's so hardcore BS that I'm not even going into it right now. If Berocco Peruvia is worsted weight, then I'm a size 2. HAH!

Anyways, yeah, fellow knitter. My mom was chuckling at how amused I was. I was more amused at how well her 4 year-old son (hidden next to her) was behaving, sitting (mostly) quietly either watching a movie or doing his "homework" while she quietly knitting away on her totally beautiful scarf that my picture does not do justice because blackberry cameras suuuuuuuck.

Yeah, so, knitters on a plane. Two of us, in the same isle, it was destiny.

My mom and I got off the plane and went to head home in our truck, which, of course, didn't start because the car-fates loathe me and are out to get me on a pretty constant basis. (While we thought we'd need a rental car to get home, the car-fates brought NASCAR into town and thus a bunch of fans who quickly ate up every single rental car available in Phoenix. Yes, every single one, it was pretty astonishing. Nicely done, car-fates, nice work.) We then spent 2 hours waiting for a tow-truck-guy to come get the car when it reality all he needed to do was spend 20 minutes recharging the battery enough to get us home. And he did, and in the span of 4 hours that it took us to get home (when it only should've taken us an hour and a half) I got no knitting done. Yeah, I know, none. It was strange. I just listened to my ipod and slept. i was to tired to knit. I know.. strange concept.

Anyways, like the hat? I'm going to fold up the bottom part of the brim to keep my ears toasty and besides that, it's your typical regularly-scheduled simple ribbed-brim hat.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh, the joys of the winter season.

Once upon a time I asked my friend Lauren what she'd like for a Christmas gift if I were to knit her anything (excluding an afghan or a sweater) she wanted. She wanted fingerless mitts. Bright orange fingerless mitts with a bright blue thumb. I've been looking and looking and finally found a pattern that I think she'll enjoy wearing and I will enjoy knitting for her. Here it is. I figure I'll just swap out the orange for the blue when it comes to the thumb shaping and it'll be all good.

That will be a perfect gift for Lauren, it'll definitely suit her personality.

I made my first-ever knitting birthday present for my friend Sami. A simple stockinette beanie with ribbed edging. I put it on the back burner and finally started it late Monday afternoon. No problem, I'd get it done in time.. but wait, her birthday is on Wednesday, that's only a day and a half to knit this hat.. Shoot.

Oh well. I did finish it, and she did love it, I just had to drink half a pot of coffee and pull an all-nighter last night so currently I am way burned out.

I'm glad she loved it. I figure I'll knit her a matching something to go with it for Christmas and it'll be a perfect gift for her.


Well.. that covers Lauren and Sami. That's only 2/3 of my best-buds group. Kim, the other third, is a treat I might add. She tells me she doesn't want a knitted gift, and then she tells me she does, and then goes back to looking disgusted by the idea of it. I'm not sure if I want to knit her anything because I don't know what she'd actually use or like (and it helps a lot that she won't tell me) or if I should just buy her a book of ghost stories and an industrial-sized bag of red Skittles and maybe a lifetime membership to Taco Bell or something.

If I do knit her something, she will love it, or she better pretend to love it when I'm around or I'll cry.


Okay, so uhhh.. Any want to help me out here: Where the hell did October go? October was my buffer month for the holiday knitting I need to accomplish and it's gone. And November is whipping by and December is not long enough and I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I might not get everything done in time.. Oooops.
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