Creative title, no? I'm a teenage girl who enjoys knitting. A lot. Even more than I love knitting, I love shopping online. Put those two together and you get my bank account laughing at me and lots of yarn and pretty knitting-related stuff. It's pretty great.. the majority of the time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frogged the hell out of Serpentina.

I was at the end of a row and realized I'd forgotten all of my yarn overs. Between losing the ssk(s) and the k2tog(s) from the row I got a bit angry and decided to frog the thing. I suppose I can take this is a good thing, learn from my mistakes, and re-do it in a way where it's better. At least I can start over with a clean slate and no mistakes in it (yet).

Ugh, I hate frogging stuff. People say frogging can be uplifting, but it just makes me sad and angry a bit.

I'm going to go read a book about knitting. Today is not going very well so far.

(And where the F*** is my other package from Webs, I want to get started on that hat. UGH)

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