Creative title, no? I'm a teenage girl who enjoys knitting. A lot. Even more than I love knitting, I love shopping online. Put those two together and you get my bank account laughing at me and lots of yarn and pretty knitting-related stuff. It's pretty great.. the majority of the time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Part 1: A Dedication

I do not have bucket of money laying around dedicating to yarn-buying. I have a ton of yarn, I really don't need any more at this point.

Tomorrow I am going to get a ton of Ziploc bags and set up yarns with patterns. If I need to print out the pattern, I will. If I need to scan a pattern out of a book, I will. I'll everything set up and then make myself knit a single project at a time and power through some of my projects because, seriously, I have too much yarn.

(I wonder how far this will go and how good I'll be about it. I'm going to give it the ole' college try, but I just hope I stick with it for a while.)

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