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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm going to spin!

The past 2 consecutive Saturdays, women have come with their drop spindles and spun. I was so ridiculously entertained, I can not even begin to explain.

So.. Here it is: I'm going to teach myself how to spin yarn on a drop spindle. I went to Etsy and bought a drop spindle (that comes with roving and a "teach yourself how to spin" guide) and some silk roving.

This is the spinning kit I got from Wind Rose on Etsy. I'm pretty excited.

This would be the Tussah Silk Roving I bought (also from Wind Rose). Is it gorgeous or what?
"Tussah silk is gathered from wild silk worms after the moth emerges and is often referred to as "Peace Silk". It's stronger than cultivated silk and has more than a 3" staple length. It's loved by both spinners and needle felters for its softness and luster."

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  1. I liked working on my drop spindle because it helped me learn how to spin on my wheel. I now spin better hanks of yarn. And if I ever start to loose touch, I get out the drop spindle :)

    Good luck!


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