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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sock yarn is definitely not stash.

I'm following the Stephanie Pearl-McPhee approach: sock yarn is not stash. (If I don't have at least a little loophole, my yarn diet will never survive. This is an excellent option.)

Today while at knit night (today's was located at the yarn shop) and I could not resist buying just a little bit of yarn to take the edge off. At first I got a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids and a skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (which was only $11 for a whole skein with plenty to knit a pair of socks. $11 for quality sock yarn, you wouldn't be able to resist either). Then I went back and picked up the gorgeous skein of hand painted teal sock yarn I had found earlier. It was the last one available, it was a limited edition, and it was hand painted. Really, it was irresistible.

Emily was laughing at me pretty hard. I don't blame her, 20 minutes before my purchases I had been talking about my newly organized stash and my also-new yarn diet. I'm pretty hopeless. Then Carolyn (the school nurse at PHS) chimed in that according to the Yarn Harlot: sock yarn is not stash. I agreed.

So, new philosophy. I'm feeling pretty good about this. And a new relization: I think I am subconciously attracted to green sock yarn and blue worsted weight for hats. I'm going to be a ripe old age someday with 40 million blue hats and another 40 million pairs of green socks. Yup. green socks.

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