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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh, the sheer joy of sock knitting

Remember how I was going to knit socks?

Try 1: Yarn got tangled and only way to untangle the mess was to frog what little I had.

Try 2: I finished turning the heel and picking up the stitches fromt he heel flap to realize the sock was about 2" too big. Frogged again.

Try 3: With the entire sock being too big, I failed to notice that the gauge was also way too big. Frogged. Again.

Try 4: Use smaller needles, cast on fewer stitches and when this try will inevitably fail, resist urge to eat yarn and deny ever attempting to knit socks.


I'm going on a yarn/knitting notions/knitting books diet. I'm going to use up what yarn I have and use books from the library. I have enough yarn to last for months, and I am running extremely low on cash. I'm learning that buying yarn instead of buying things like shampoo and lunch doesn't work very well.

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