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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Part 1: I swear there will be a Part 2

Go look at my projects on Ravelry. Do it, I'd dare you but that sounds lame. No, really, go look at them..

Oh, wait, there's nothing to look at because I suuuuuuuck and have severely neglected taking pretty pictures of yarn, WIPS, and finished stuff. And the hats I made for Sami and Andrew were given away before I could properly photograph them.

Today is that day that pictures will be taken. They will go from life to camera to computer to Ravelry. Sorry I've been holding out on whoever wants to see my knitting. (I'm still wondering if anyone actually reads this blog.)

Besides that I will be watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls and knitting on the scarf I promised Mr. Kiesling (choir teacher) because the sooner I get it done the sooner I can give it to him and then he'll stop bugging me incessantly. Oh, and ya know.. I'll be working on Onerva.

The neckwarmer dried with astonishing speed and, as hoped, it doesn't smell anymore. Well, it does, but like the SOAK wash it marinated it. (Pictures later, I promise.)

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