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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am wickedly excited about the whole "knitting lace" thing.

I finished the first repeat for Onerva, and I am way excited about how it's going to far. It's beautiful, and the only errors I've made are minimal. It's going to be so wonderful once its finished and blocked.

Too bad it's going to take forever since I have 800+ yards of yarn for this and I'm working on US 3 needles and each repeat is only about 1.5" - 2" long. GAAAAAAAH. This is going to take forever, but I am loving it, and so for now it's all good.


And I finished a neck warmer I was working on. It's a nice creamy-white color, and made out of baby alpaca. Want to know how it smelled while I was hand washing it? I don't think you do. Imagine wet dog smell times 10. It was horrible. I think it'll go away once it dries.. I hope. Anyway, it turned out very nice.

I have 40 million things I need to finish knitting, such as: a scarf for my mom, an orange scarf for my friend Lauren, Onerva, Serpentina, and all of the projects I have the yarn for but haven't technically started yet. (Like the hat I want to make out of Mirasol K'acha in this warm buttery yellow/gold color. The yarn is great except for the fact that is sheds more than a golden retriever.)

The ugly tote bag my mom wanted me to knit her? Yeah, she finally took it away from me and finished knitting it herself. Nice. She got it exactly how she wanted it and I got off scott-free. Now I just have 2 more tote bags exactly like it to knit in other colors.

I have a church Christmas party thing to go to tonight, it'll be fun.

Early New Years Resolution: Start blogging on here more often instead of my normal blog. Talking about knitting is much better than talking about silly high school stuff.

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