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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I've been converted.

I like to think that, normally, I am an independent thinker. I don't let people persuade me, I don't let people get to me, and I do not let people talk me into doing or trying something. Yet, somehow, in the land in knitting, I am helpless to deny.

Alex, you should try knitting socks.
Alex, what about the Ravelympics?
Alex, knitting socks 2 at a time?

Yup. That last one is the latest and I am now knitting a pair of socks for my mama, toe up, 2 at a time on 2 circulars. Best. Thing. Ever. No sewing at the end, no running out of yarn - ever. No worrying about having to count and make sure the socks are the same size and definitely no second sock syndrome. It's (to me at least) just as quick and doing a single sock on DPNs.

Ollie (the nice woman who talked me into this) I, uhh, sort of love you. In case you were wondering.

I'll post pictures when I actually have something to show, but to tide you over until then:

Dream In Color Starry in the Some Summer Sky colorway. Super sparkly, super squishy, and pretty darn fantastic.

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