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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dude. Babies.

I love babies. I adore babies. When there's a baby around, I have to end up putting my knitting down because I can not function properly when there is a tiny human in the room who is melting my heart.

I knew a certain someone (an adult, not one of my student-friends) was going to quit her job to be a stay at home mama as soon as the opportunity arose.

Guess who announced that this would be her last year working?! I am thrilled. Thrilled to the brim. As soon as I found out and the room cleared of anyone else who wasn't smart enough to guess, we started screaming and jumping and hugging and squealing and talking baby-talk.

And I, Alexandra Martin, and going to be personally responsible for covering this nice lady's baby in wool and all sorts of squishy, beautiful, machine-washable, neutral-sex colored wool.

The projects above are some of the items I'm considering. (Top to bottom: Mary Jane Booties, Seed Stitch Jacket, Baby Yours, and Tiny Shoes.) It's possible that I might be equally/more excited about this baby than the mother-to-be... but that's doubtful. Oh, and this kid is going to have a wicked shoe collection before he/she is even born, there's no doubt in that at all.

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  1. you had me excited reading this..I LOVE the baby them all in fact!


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