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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Secrets Revealed

I'll be honest as to why I don't like ribbing. I'm telling my secret to the world, I'm outing myself, and no one can stop me. -
gulps in fear-

I kind of.. er.. zone out and lose track of how many stitches I've done.

And I loathe having to count a million stitches just to figure out where I am (I'm more than willing to do that once or twice, but not once every 7 sts when every round has 80.)

I discovered something great. It's a universal tool in knitting that I had for a while but never though of using them.

*cough*cough* stitch markers *cough*

Not like that completely obvious or anything. I mean, that's their purpose! To keep track of your stitches so you have to involve the minimum of brain function. I love them!

I have then every 10 sts. And I know to start the knitting ribbing on the blue, and purl ribbing on the yellow. It's so irrationally simple I don't know why I didn't do this sooner, it would've saved me so much time and effort. Now it's to the point that as soon as I realize I've forgotten what stitch I'm on, I only have to count a couple sts. to know where I am. Genius! (I can whiz through any math class like a pro and pass with a more-than-decent grade, but yet I can't grasp paying attention to stitch-count? Yeah, I'm not sure how exactly that works. Weird.)


I'll do ribbing for about an inch or two, and then transition into stockinette. There is nothing I love more than knitting something with only knitting. No purling, no yarn-overs, now knit-2-together or slip-slip-knit. Just knitting. Mind numbing, simple, requires-no-brain-function-what-so-ever knitting. Mmmmmm, it puts me into a trance.

And you know what I love more than mind numbing plain knitting? Music that goes with mind-numbing knitting. Like My Heart With You by the Rescues. that's my current favorite song. It's sad, but sweet, and calming. It's a song you can close your eyes and just sway to(while in a candle-lit room taking a bubble bath).

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