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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lesson Learned

Garter Stitch border of a hat: BAAAAAD.

Stockinette Stitch border: ehh, not as bad, but I don't like the curl.

2x2 or 1x1 Ribbing border: always the best option.

There's only one problem in that.. I hate ribbing. A lot. I hate it a lot. Sure, it's pretty, it looks nice, it's easy, and it functional. So where's the downfall? It's mind numbing. You have to pay enough attention to count the knits and the purls, but it's boring. And you could zone out(like I usually do) but then I'd probably screw up the ribbing. UGH. It's obnoxious.

I either like patterns that keep my mind working, or all knitting so that I can zone out. Anything in between infuriates me.


So, this hat that I'm making, it's not working out. The edge it nice and stretchy, so it definitely won't be too tight, but there's a bit of a problem: it's not tight at all. Sure, it'll fit Andrew's huge head, but there will be nothing keeping it from falling off.

So I figured.. Elastic string! I could sew an elastic thread through the border, and then it'll fit! But then it'll be baggy(not cute slouchy, but baggy). Baggy is lame. So, I could finish it and sew elastic into it and SHAZAAM, it'll be done, but I can't. It's a bad hat. It needs ribbing. I hate ribbing, but a proper hat needs a proper border and therefore: ribbing. I know I should frog it and start over, it's a quick knit, it's not that big of a deal. But it's already 5.5". It's almost, so close I can practically taste it, ready to get decreasing and then be done. It would take maybe half an hour to finish, it's like being on the last stretch of a marathon, I can almost see the finish line.. But it's a big hat, a bad hat, and a hat that Andrew will never wear because it won't ever fit right.

I know I should frog it, I know I should just take it off the needles and frog it, but I can't. I hate frogging, it makes me sad, it makes me oh so very sad.

-fast forward 15 minutes-

I frogged it. It broke my heart, and it made me sad, but I frogged it. I measured the border, and it had a 26" circumference. So yeah, it was huge. That yarn held up well considering it's been frogged twice now, I'm a bit impressed. I took it off the needles and tried it on before I frogged it, and the stockinette portion fit fine, but the border was the only bad part. So I think I'll keep the 80 sts, suck it up, and do a 2x2 ribbed border. It'll be a nice, snug fit and it'll be fine.

Frogging my knitting always ruins my day :|

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