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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am devestated

Yarn was lost in the move.

Yes. Absorb that sentence, let the nausea pass by, and let the horror increase with this next sentence.

Handspun yarn from Capi. All the of gifts, cards, and yarn from my going away party have disappeared. Vanished. Evaporated.

All of my boxes have been opened and mostly unpacked. Once I realized the yarn (which I love and cherish dearly and will be heartbroken forever if it is really truly lost) was MIA, I began rummaging through the remaining unpacked boxes like a woman possessed. Nowhere. Nowhere to be found. My mom packed some of my stuff and so I called her at work and, very calmy, asked her where my !@#$ my yarn was. She has no idea. She knows it wasn't left in the hosue when we left, so she's pretty sure it has to be somewhere, but I can't find it.

Let me explain: I don't lose things. Ever. Sometimes I forget things, but I never lose things. Never. If I do, it's found within seconds. The only few, very few, things I've "lost" have been expensive (such as my phone, which would be a chunk of cash to replace, and was eventually found) or precious. If I do not find this yarn I will be devestated. So, so devestated.

Please send out yarn-finding good thoughts. (Yarn Gods, please help me out here. This is definitely not funny.)

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