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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Magic Ribbon

I am frightening close to being done with this periwinkle hat. All I have left to do is to work about an inch more, decrease for 2-3 rows, bind off, and sew it up. I was originally looking for some black satin ribbon to weave through the holes created by the increases at the top of the ribbing, and then I found the bright yellow ribbon that was on The Knit that Sami gave me for my birthday. It's fate, let me explain.

1) It's the perfect length. It is long enough to thread through the holes, but short enough to tie into a bow without cutting it.

2) It contrasts the periwinkle/indigo/blue/purple/whatever-the-heck-color-it-is yarn perfectly. Seriously, it's kind of ridiculous how good the colors look together.

3) It's the perfect width. It's not too thick that it over-powers the ribbing, but it's not so thin that it's like thread.

Honestly, this was fate. The knitting gods influenced you to pick out this ribbon, because it is perfect for this hat. Sami, I thank you for the magic ribbon. I'm a big fan of magic ribbon.

Now, if I could focus long enough to finish this damn hat so that (a) I can start something else, and (b) I can wear it to the bus stop tomorrow so my ears won't turn bright red and threaten to freeze and fall off.

Pictures will be posted either tonight or tomorrow.. or in a couple of days because I am laaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

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