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Friday, July 9, 2010


My yarn was out-growing my 3 little stash bins. I upgraded to one big bin for the yarn, and used the little bins for magazines, needles, my bottle of Eucalan, my sock blockers, etc. Plus one bin is filled with my WIPs and the 3rd bin has a sweaters worth of Cascade Ecological Wool.

I dug all of my WIPs out of their various bags, buckets, bowls, nooks and crannies. I found some that I forgot I had, some I fell immediately back in love with, and some I hated. Like my mama's socks.

I don't hesitate to frog if a project is wrong. Example: A hat I knit and completed a few months ago that was supposed to be slouchy, but was dense and pointy. I never wore it, just left it. Today I frogged it and used the yarn (plus some skeins that were leftover) to start a scarf. (Which, in theory was pretty cool, and now I'm not so sure.) My mom's socks were another example, they just weren't right. The yarn wasn't going with the pattern, the toe looked wrong, and I just like top-down better. The second sock to my first sock ever? Frogged too.

I just get in a frogging kind of mood and it makes me happy. It's like, all of a sudden I have all of this wonderful yarn with so many opportunities instead of an ugly project I put in time-out because I hated.

Embrace the frog people, it means more yarn to knit with.

P.S. I've recently finished a hat, a shawl, and have made tons of progress on other items. All will be photographed soon, I promise. I've been really bad about it :(

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